5 Most Common Bad Habits That Cause Hair Loss

5 Most Common Bad Habits That Cause Hair Loss

Can washing your hair everyday cause hair loss or does playing with your hair make it fall out. Here are the most common bad habits that cause hair loss.

There are many reasons of hair loss. When your body suffers from thyroid problems and hormonal imbalances you lose hair. Stress and traumatic events like financial instability, divorce, health conditions and pregnancy are also one of the major reasons of hair loss.

But mostly hair fall problems occur because of your lifestyle.

Poor Diet

When you don’t feed your body properly it starves and needs energy to function. In this situation body takes energy from its most essential organs like brain and heart that causes hair loss. Include high protein diet like milk, fish, chicken, eggs and lentils in your diet to stop hair thinning problem.

Eating properly also helps to stop hair loss.

Brushing Wet Hair

Mishandling and brushing wet hair can cause hair thinning problems. Many people comb hair after shower to smoothen the tresses, which is wrong. It causes breakage of hair because wet hair is more fragile.

Brush your dry hair gently and don’t brush a lot during the day because brushing makes your hair weak.

Tight Hairstyles

Tight hairstyles put excessive tension on your hair follicles. Pulling hair back tightly damages hair strength. Avoid using tight pony tails for long time to escape from rapid hair fall. Such hairstyles can cause alopecia and serious medical conditions.

It can make hair follicles permanently weak and unable to grow. Try to wear hair down and don’t tie your hair very tightly. Make sure not to pull your scalp firmly and don’t use rubber brands.

Using Hot Styling Tools

High heat of blow dryers and hot hair styling equipments damage your hair. Don’t use straighteners and curling iron on your wet hair. The heat on wet hair causes hair breakage and makes scalp prone to hair fall. Limit the use of these equipments and let your hair air-dry naturally.

Head Scratching

If you have dandruff, itchy scalp or a lice infestation it will make you scratch your head constantly to relieve the itch. It is clear you are going to have hair loss problem very soon because of scratching. Scratching makes the hair fiber weak and that leads to hair loss.

Use shampoos with zinc pyrithione, selenium and tea tree oil. Antifungal shampoo and cortisone foam also helps to eradicate itching.

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